27-30 JUNE 2019 De Bergen Wanroij

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Mandala is built by over a hundred Creators who form Tribes together. Together, they are the festival. There’s music, art, wellness, theatre and more. Camping and festival are one. Pitch your tent wherever you want and enjoy four days and nights of Mandala Festival. Explore our Tribes, Music and Art.

Love Story

The idea of this new festival was born some years ago, in the summer of 2014. A four year old child named Julia Mingers, dreamed about a festival community for all lovely people. She made a drawing of the festival and named it Mandala.

Daddy Marcel Mingers – founder of Extrema – was so proud and touched by the idea, that he and his team made it happen in 2016. Mandala was born. Julia’s philosophy – to this day – is the backbone of the festival.

The festival is built by lovely creative people, who expose their art and beliefs in the twenty different Tribes, together with other Creators and performers. Every Tribe has its own theme.

The visitors – called Travelers – are welcome to join the Tribes and the Mandala community. So together we can enjoy music from all over the world, art, wellness, theatre, healing, spirituality and much more. Mandala is for everyone, young and old. As long as everyone respects each other.


Mandala goes on for four days and nights. The first day of the festival – Thursday 27 June – is all about non-music activities. Think workshops, readings, art and enjoying the nature. On Friday, the full festival experience starts with lots of music, great parties, theatre, wellness and more!

Imagine going on a holiday in the middle of nowhere. You enter a beautiful park, with a big forest, a pearly beach and nature pool. There’s music, everywhere! On the stages, but also and mainly at secret spots for you to explore. Mandala has Tribes, built by hundreds of Creators. Together, they are the festival. You can find music, art and theatre, but also games, wellness and loads of colourful entertainment. Camping and festival are one. A tent can be pitched wherever you want.

Mandala 2019

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