27-30 JUNE 2019 De Bergen Wanroij

Access will only be granted when the visitor possesses a valid ticket

Visitors will be searched according to Dutch legislation. When refusing, access to the event may be denied

Violent and/or intimidating behaviour, discrimination and/or sexual harassment in what shape or form will not be tolerated

Upon entering the festival, visitors agree with the recording of themselves on image and sound carriers and its publication. No rights can be derived from this

Possessing any kind of weapon is strictly forbidden.

It’s forbidden to bring dogs, birds, whales and other pets and animals

Consuming, dealing and/or possessing drugs is strictly forbidden

Visitors wearing football shirts and/or clothes with nationalistic signs or expressions and/or clothes related to motor clubs will be refused

Damaging and/or stealing property of Extrema/Mandala and/or other parties is strictly forbidden. Charges will be pressed against this

Possessing glass, spray cans (with aerosol spray), tin, umbrella’s (with sharp points), fireworks or any other kind of object that is being considered dangerous by the organisation is forbidden

Smoking is prohibited in all indoor locations (including tents)

At and around the festival area, you are obligated to follow instructions given by the organisation, security, medical team and other parties involved with the event

When violating the house rules, you will be removed from the festival area

Visitors enter the event at their own risk. The organisation will not be responsible for any kind of physical or mental damage and/or material damage in consequence of a visit

When entering the festival area, the terms of use of Extrema Holding BV and Solar Festival BV will apply